The 50th Reno National Championship Air Races

Once again, Commemorative Air Force So Cal Wing and Classic Fighters Racing has been gracious enough to allow us access to put the Re-Play XD cameras on board all of the aircraft and their incredible support in making this video possible.

This video was shot using only Re-Play XD 1080 cameras.

Please show your support and keep these historical aircraft flying!


Reno Air Races 2013 50th Anniversary!

2013 marked the 50th anniversary of The Reno Air Races! The crowds did not disappoint and were there to show their support this past weekend.

Aviation legend, Bob Hoover made the announcement for the unlimited pilots, “Gentleman, start your engines”, and the race was on!

Steven Hinton, who piloted Voodoo, was off and in the lead where he remained throughout the race. Matt Jackson who piloted Strega, did his best but stayed at an average of 8 seconds behind Voodoo.

Hinton dominated again and took home his fifth consecutive win.

I am looking forward to next year and will be at the 51st Reno Air Races.

As Mike Houghton said, “Welcome to the first in the next 50 years of racing!”

See you all next year!
~Julie Sims