Planes of Fame Airshow 2014 “A Salute to the Mighty Eighth”

Mooney International Corporation is proud to present Planes of Fame Air Show 2014, May 3 & 4:“A Salute to the Mighty Eighth”.  This year’s airshow will feature over 40 historic aircraft, performing for your enjoyment as well as a salute to the 8th Air Force in WWII. We invite you to Airshow 2014 to celebrate the history and contributions of the men, women, and aircraft of the 8th Air Force. Performers include U.S.A.F. F-22 Raptor Demo Team and Heritage Flight, Sean D. Tucker-Team Oracle Aerobatics, The Bremont Horsemen, Sea Fury Aerobatics by Sanders Aeronautics, Clay Lacy’s Learjet Demonstration, Rob Harrison and the Tumbling Bear, John Collver’s AT-6 Aerobatics, and over 40 WWII aircraft including B-17, P-47s, and P-51s. In addition to many other fantastic airplanes performing, there will be a panel discussion with our honored veterans of the 8th Air Force, which include Clarence “Bud” Anderson, Jack Croul, Jim White, Wilbur Richardson, and George Thomas. Also, be sure to catch the Airshow Preview Event on May 2!

Planes Of Fame Airshow

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